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Future Vision for Box Hill

The completion of the Box Hill Structure Plan in 2007 was an important milestone for Box Hill as it established a clear vision for the future. A vision for Box Hill shared by Council, Government, Business and the Community and a plan that established the strategic framework, necessary tools and a program of actions and initiatives needed to deliver growth and change.

Click here to download the Box Hill Transit City Activity Centre Structure Plan 2007

The Box Hill Business Marketing Plan is an initiative of Whitehorse Council developed in  2008. The Marketing Plan has a particular focus on the business and retail core of Box  Hill and is a collection of ideas and strategies to re-position Box Hill, shifting toward a  positive future while protecting and celebrating the unique identity and story of the place.

To optimise the success of initiatives and realise the full potential of Box Hill, will take strong leadership from Government, Council and the Business Community and a commitment to work together to improve Box Hill and advance toward the shared vision. There are many opportunities to invest in the improvement and growth of Box Hill.