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Place Management

Place Management is a priority focus on a specific place, using an integrated and coordinated approach to facilitate and manage growth and change in order to achieve the best economic, social and environmental outcomes for the place.

The completion of the Box Hill Structure Plan in 2007 was an important milestone for Box Hill as it established a clear vision for the future. A vision for Box Hill shared by Council, Government, Business and the Community that established the strategic framework, necessary tools and a program of actions and initiatives needed to deliver growth and change.

In 2007 Whitehorse Council took the lead in establishing a Place Management approach for Box Hill and appointed a dedicated Place Manager for Box Hill, as the champion for the vision and responsible for driving and facilitating the tailored place management program for Box Hill.

The Place Management approach for Box Hill includes the following areas:

  • Delivery of Priority Public Works Projects
  • Investment Attraction and Facilitation (Private and Public)
  • Development and Activity Facilitation
  • Place Making
  • Place Marketing
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Part of Council’s Place Management approach is to actively advocate for and ‘market’ Box Hill to the politicians and decision makers from the State and Federal Government to secure ongoing funding and investment in Box Hill.

Council also continues to actively participate in the State Government project investigation and business case planning processes with the expectation that funding will be forthcoming.

The priority public works projects for Box Hill are:

  • Box Hill Transport Interchange Upgrade
  • Whitehorse Road Boulevard
  • Government office building – Employment
  • ‘CAA Connector’ bicycle path between Box Hill CAA and Ringwood CAA
  • Affordable Housing